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Nature tourism invites people to explore an outdoor area while connecting with its natural and cultural heritage values.

Nature tourism promises the enjoyment of open air activities underpinned by the chance to both appreciate and also enquire further into the stories written in the surrounding landscapes.

interpretive step aside node along the Ballina coastal recreation path

Special nodes along the Ballina Coastal Recreation Path invite users to break their journey and learn more about the First Nations Peoples' cultural heritage as protected in the East Ballina Aboriginal Place.

Nature Tourism Services was established in 1998 by IAN CHARLES and MARIANNE WALSH to help land managers deliver a user experience based around safe, meaningful and enriching travel to heritage places.

We offer a unique suite of integrated nature tourism communication products. These include strategic interpretive planning, landscape design, signage, mapping and digital product specifically developed to enhance the functionality of onsite interpretation signs.

We also actively seek out ways of both sharing our knowledge and contributing to the overall effectiveness and appreciation of heritage conservation practices.

In addition to the extensive planning and product delivery detail we publish freely here on our website, we are also proud members and supporters of ICOMOS – the non-governmental international organisation dedicated to the conservation of the world's monuments and sites.

interpretive sign by Nature Tourism Services at Stockton Sandspit, Newcastle

Nature Tourism Services are heritage interpretive sign specialists. The example shown here comes from a suite of heritage signage installed at Stockton Sandspit, Newcastle.

gate design wentworth falls

This First Nations design motif was developed by us in full accordance with the provisions of the Australian Indigenous Design Charter which our company strongly supports across every aspect of our operations in accordance with our Reconciliation Action Plan. The design was cut out of steel sheeting for a gate entry at the Wentworth Falls precinct in the Blue Mountains. We developed the motif for this purpose in collaboration with, and with the approval of, Darug elder Chris Tobin – the creator of the original artwork elements.

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Follow our Twitter account "Nature_Tourism" for updates and insights into our work in helping land managers deliver on their promise of providing safe and meaningful heritage experiences.

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We are an Australian company based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Our project portfolio embraces work across Australia including major projects in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and Far North Queensland as well as extensive project work across NSW and Victoria.

We have the capacity to undertake work for overseas clients on selected projects and welcome enquiries in this regard.

Tel: +61 2 4784 2001

Mob: 0427 009 805

Email: cw@naturetourismservices.com.au

Post: PO Box 333 Katoomba

mungo meeting place opening

First Nations people who care for their Country at Mungo National Park gathered for the opening of the Mungo Meeting Place in July 2011. The Meeting Place includes re-created sections of Mungo's 20,000 year old human fossil trackways – the world's largest collection of ice age human footprints. Nature Tourism Services undertook the interpretive planning, signage and graphic design components of this project.

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