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Custom tourism map product underpins all of our visitor orientation and interpretive solutions.

Until people understand where a feature is relative to their present location, they have no way of deciding whether the information being delivered is of relevance to them or not.

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We have produced a range of regional touring maps embracing large sections of far north Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

In 2012 we adapted the map we created for the Australian Alps National Parks in 1999 to a format which was suitable for inclusion in the new Australian Alps Smartphone Guide.

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An integral part of our work to create a new signage ensemble for the Falls Creek Alpine resort in Victoria was to generate maps to cover the range of visitor activities across both the summer and winter seasons.

Some samples from the map suite are shown below.

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We use Photoshop in our mapping work to create the exact balanced backdrops needed to hold out and give life to the feature map content. These overlying map details are created in Illustrator with the resultant file then being exported for use in either signage, print or digital formats.