Nature Tourism Services is an Australian company that specialises in delivering innovative interpretive and visitor orientation design solutions.

Decades of experience in interpretation planning underpins all our project work. We connect traditional interpretation sign, maps and print media product with interpretive digital products including tourism webapps and PDF smartphone guides.


In 2011, we undertook the design and production of a series of interpretive signs for the City of Vincent in Perth, WA. We did this work in collaboration with WA writer and photographer Cliff Winfield.

The interpretive signs represented the second stage of the signage roll out the city were implementing for their Wetlands Heritage Trail. This extended trail that arches across the City of Vincent reflects the path of the drain that turned the series of swamps and wetlands that once fringed the northern suburbs of Perth into dry land for urban development.

The first stage of signage for the trail had been done prior to our undertaking work on this project. It involved the design and production of a series of orientation signs along the key nodes of the trail. These signs set an overall design theme that we needed to use to underpin out responses on this project. This style is reflected directly in the additional orientation sign we constructed for a new entry point at the head of the trail.

In 2013, Vincent City Council then engaged us to undertake a follow up sign for the Robertson Park signage set and produce an interpretation sign for the Perth AIDS memorial established there.