Nature Tourism Services is an Australian company that specialises in delivering innovative interpretive and visitor orientation design solutions.

Decades of experience in interpretation planning underpins all our project work. We connect traditional interpretation sign, maps and print media product with interpretive digital products including tourism webapps and PDF smartphone guides.


In 2014, we were invited to join the High Country Collective team delivering the roll out of the branding and signage collateral needed to establish the Great Victorian Rail Trail - Victoria's longest such trail connecting the towns of Mansfield, Alexandra and Tallarook across the foothills of the Victorian Alps.

A feature of this project was the fact that there was a significant body of funds available to develop and implement the signage ensemble and an innovative, world class response was required by the client.

This led to us working in close collaboration with both the High Country Collective team members and our signage subcontractors Screenmakers to develop some striking and innovative design responses.

The combination seat unit shown above for example that also doubles as a bike rack is an example of the innovation delivered on this project.

Similarly the main entry orientation display that derives its style from railway semaphore signals is another example of the integrated and coherent responses we engineered for the project.


The details of our planning responses were outlined in a concise report we contributed for the overall planning document High Country Collective prepared for the project. This can be viewed via the link below.

In particular the ensemble was designed so as to mimic the sense of arrival one gets when entering a small country railway station located in an open expansive landscape. To this effect, the seat and shelter were designed to sit opposite each other and create a gateway defining the trail's transition through a key location.