Nature Tourism Services is an Australian company that specialises in delivering innovative interpretive and visitor orientation design solutions.

Decades of experience in interpretation planning underpins all our project work. We connect traditional interpretation sign, maps and print media product with interpretive digital products including tourism webapps and PDF smartphone guides.


In 2015 we undertook the interpretive planning, graphic design and construction of the supporting digital content for the establishment of Stage 1 of the interpretation for the path connecting Ballina and Lennox Head.

This section of the path leads through the East Ballina Aboriginal Place which commemorates the masscare of Aboriginal people there in the 1850s.

The interpretation is focussed on telling the indigenous narratives relevant to both the massacre event and present day cultural information the community wishes to share.

To this end the signage uses QR code linkages to allow visitors to watch to custom made video snippets along the path where Aboriginal elders talk of matters relevant to the material in the signage.