Nature Tourism Services is an Australian company that specialises in delivering innovative interpretive and visitor orientation design solutions.

Decades of experience in interpretation planning underpins all our project work. We connect traditional interpretation sign, maps and print media product with interpretive digital products including tourism webapps and PDF smartphone guides.


In 2010, Nature Tourism Services undertook a major project for Geraldton-Greenough City Council to produce the interpretive signage they required to establish a series of five walking trails throughout the town.

We undertook this work in collaboration with Cliff Winfield. Cliff is a West Australian photographer and writer, skilled in both interpretation and community liaison and with an extensive knowledge of the local region.

At the time of us commencing work on this project, the city already had in place a major report on the trails that identified their overall location, themes and featured sites for interpretive signage.

Our work hence involved working with this core resource to turn it into the on ground product required while at the same time being alert to the nuances and opportunities that arose in the course of implementing this.